Explore Campania from a local point of view!

Our Story

One day, one jump and five years of passion

Taste the Experience is a 5 years old passion project of three Italians travelers. Our vision is to introduce our culture to our guests in order to let them experience what Italy is famous for, art, food, and culture. Our tours range from the classic guided tour of Pompeii to the breathtaking horseback ride in the national park of Vesuvius, combining nature and culture, fun and history! Every tour has been carefully crafted with our guests in mind. Our guests will be immersed in a 360° experience. We want everyone to feel at home, soaking up Italian lifestyle and cuisine while taking in the breathtaking landscapes of our country! We would be lying if we said that there weren’t other tours out there. However, ours are unique in that we look over every detail, making sure it has the guest’s best interest.
We take the quality of our experiences very seriously, constantly verifying our prices. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest, but the most valuable and affordable.


What We Do?

We specialize in tours and activities, which range from must to do tours and incredible off the path experiences. In the years we built a network of Hotels and Airbnb’s that are gonna more than happy to welcome you!

  • Off The Path Tours
  • Must to do Experiences
  • Inclusive Packages
  • Transportations
  • 3 Languages available
  • Handcrafted Itinerary
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • World Class Service
  • Accessibility management
  • 1240+ Reviews 5 Stars



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