Naples: The city of legends, history and forbidden cults!



Explore the historic center of Naples with a local who will guide you through the most important places of the city that are famous for their mystery and legends. There is a story from the ancient world behind almost every peculiarity you come across. From the skulls and bones to the strange mystical symbols carved into the peculiar facade of Gesù Nuovo church, to the Egyptian obelisks and sphinx- proof of Naples’s millennia of multicultural history, hospitality and acceptance. Here, the line between reality and the supernatural is forever blurred as people flock to the cathedral to see the miraculous liquefaction of a vial of the blood of San Gennaro.

  • Coffee
  • Guided tour of Naples
  • Cornicello (Neapolitan talisman horn “Little Red Horn”)


Meeting Point

Piazza Bellini (Naples )

By Train

Use the Metro line to move around Naples, if you’re staying out of Naples catch the train directly to Naples central station and then use the metro

By Car

You can arrive directly at the meeting point, we recommend to park outside of it

By bus

From Amalfi coast you can use directly the line to Naples and drop off at the station


€25 per person

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