Pompeii Ruins Archeological Adventure!



Jump in this small group adventure, go back in time to 79 AD! See the streets and buildings that witnessed the rise of the Roman Empire. Amidst this perfectly preserved city (thanks to the erupt of Vesuvius) discover the highlights of this wonderful ancient city through the eyes of an Archaeologist. While walking through the Pompeii roads you will be able to have a taste of what the daily life use to be thanks to the theaters, temples and even six bathing complexes. During the tour, you’ll see the high quality of life these Romans used to live, along with the innovations created far ahead of their time.

  • Guided tour of Pompeii
  • Transportation during the whole experience


Pompei Ruins Ticket


Meeting Point

Porta Marina Superiore (Pompeii )

By Train

From Naples or Sorrento use the Circumvesuviana Train and drop off at Pompei Scavi, the meeting point from there will be just 1 minute by walking

By Car

You can arrive directly at the entrance and park directly there

By bus

From Amalfi coast you can use directly the line to Pompei Scavi and drop off there


€22 per person

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